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UI/UX Design portfolio!

I’m Gustavo, and I’m dedicated to crafting intuitive interfaces and captivating digital experiences. With a keen focus on user research and market analysis, I strive to meet market and social needs. Explore my portfolio below to witness my user-centric design

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UI Design

UX Design

Pollo Ejecutivo

A high-fidelity app prototype featuring 50 screens for a popular fried chicken chain with 15+ restaurants, enabling seamless delivery or pickup orders to simplify meal planning and allow customers to focus on their priorities.


An app for career exploration, streamlining vocational guidance for users. Discover potential career paths, complete assessments, and receive personalized recommendations, enabling users to focus on their future without the stress of uncertainty.

Dog Park Cumbayá

A responsive website for a private dog park, optimizing the booking process for pet owners to easily reserve facilities, board pets, and schedule grooming appointments, enhancing user experience and convenience.


Discover local treasures! From fresh produce to artisanal goods, explore your neighborhood's best. Shop confidently, support small businesses, and savor authentic flavors with us. Your go-to responsive website for local finds.


The chaos of creating a personal brand and website for a UX designer (me), integrating various content to showcase skills and interests. This includes naming and selecting a domain, using WordPress, collaborating with a graphic designer for brand identity, and expanding the website's scope.


To support Syrian refugees in Southeastern Türkiye, I'm collaborating remotely with local NGOs to design solutions to their unique challenges. Stay tuned.