Just For Fun

Drone Chronicles

I began flying a drone a couple of weeks before the pandemic lockdown, finding joy in exploring new perspectives and capturing the beauty of various landscapes didn’t last for too long. But it wasn’t until 2023 that I got to enjoy it with my second drone since my first drone had become a hazard after a couple of crashes. My favorite part of traveling is appreciating certain places through my drone’s lens, offering a unique viewpoint that unveils the world’s hidden wonders from above.

Feeling nostalgic for the MySpace era, when I'd spend hours customizing with HTML and CSS, I decided to build my own website with Elementor instead.
Gustavo Santamaría
Product Designer & Educator

Code Creations

My journey into this realm began during the pandemic as part of NYUx’s Integrated Digital Media (IDM) Micromasters through edX. Exploring the intersection of technology and creativity, I discovered the power of coding to bring imaginative ideas to life. Here are some of projects, experiments, and visual creations of digital expression.


Each Particle object was coded with essential properties such as position, size, color, and speed, allowing for the dynamic creation of visually engaging effects.

Interactive Canvas: Change Color on Click

This interactive canvas lets you move your cursor around and change the color of the circle when you click.

Moiré Patterns

I used coding to create captivating Moiré patterns, resulting in dynamic designs with apparent movement and depth. A Moiré pattern is an intricate visual effect produced by superimposing two similar but slightly offset patterns, creating a new, complex pattern with areas of apparent movement or distortion. 

Lerp Color

I infused life into my digital canvas by creating an animated spectacle of spiraling shapes. With a vibrant palette of colors, I brought forth a mesmerizing sketch that danced across the screen. To achieve this, I strategically utilized transformation functions.

Colorful Canvas: Dynamic Hue Shift

This interactive canvas lets you tweak the display’s color by moving your mouse. The background and rectangle colors change accordingly as you move your cursor up and down. Simply move your mouse to experiment with different colors!

Lissajous Curve Colorful Movement

Lissajous curves, named after French mathematician Jules Antoine Lissajous, are a family of parametric curves that describe complex harmonic motion. Please sit back and watch as multiple shapes glide along these curves, their colors changing continuously, creating a captivating visual display.

Colorful Mario

Click anywhere on the canvas to transform Mario’s hat and shirt into a new, randomly selected color combination

Check out my UX projects


App for career exploration, streamlining vocational guidance for users.

Pollo Ejecutivo

Mobile app prototype for a popular fried chicken chain with 15+ restaurants.

Dog Park Cumbayá

Responsive website for a private dog park, optimizing the booking process for pet owners.


The chaos of creating a personal brand and website for a UX designer (me).